Social media marketing

Businesses want to be part of the online landscape, so people will come across them and their products and services in their everyday life. This rarely happens by chance and companies understand the value of employing social media marketing professionals to increase their visibility.

Work activities

This is a relatively new area of marketing and job roles can be fluid. As a social media marketing professional, you would need to be familiar with using several platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Quora and LinkedIn.

You would be aware of topics that were trending and changes happening in the online environment. You would also devise new topics to draw attention to your organisation.

You would create content for social media sites in appropriate format. This could involve writing copy, manipulating images and even producing simple videos.

You would contribute to existing online communities. You would respond to customers and potential customers and build a positive image for your organisation.

You would analyse results of social media marketing campaigns and advise other members of the marketing department to make the most of the traffic you drive to the site.

Entry requirements

The best qualification for working in this area is evidence that you have used social media to enhance the reputation of a business, a cause or an individual. Employers will be looking for someone who has a passion for social media and an understanding of what it can do.

It could also be helpful if you have a degree in journalism or marketing, particularly if your course covered the use of social media.

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