Information security

There is a war going on between organisations and people who want to steal their data. The role of information security manager is becoming increasingly important, particularly in large organisations. 

Work activities

As an information security manager, your job would be to safeguard the personal and commercial data held by the organisation you worked for.

You would need a detailed knowledge of the computer network and any other IT systems used by the organisation.

You would monitor the use of IT, look for potential risks, install firewalls and other defences and draw up security procedures.

The job would involve drawing up plans and reports for senior management and also training ordinary staff.

You would need to stay up-to-date with new risks to security and be able to act quickly in a crisis.

Entry requirements

Employers would expect you to have a degree in a computer-related subject. Many employers also ask for certification, such CISM. You would also be expected to have working experience in computer security.

On a personal level, you would need to demonstrate your honesty, attention to detail and ability to make plans and carry them out. You would need to be able to communicate well with people at all levels within the organisation, from top management to ordinary employees.

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