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If you are the kind of person who takes an interest in the creative side of coding, who has a knack for finding solutions to problems that people didn't even know they had, the career path of a mobile app developer might just be for you.

The mobile app market has a reputation as a place where entrepreneurs can make a fortune.  However the most common work for a mobile app developer will be with a steady salary, developing the mobile section of a company’s user experience.

Work activities

Mobile app developers may be responsible for the design, coding, implementation and or testing of computer programs for a wide variety of mobile devices.

Some developers will be assigned specific roles under the umbrella of a lead designer direction their work. It is very common for companies to hire a single mobile app developer to be responsible for everything from the initial design of an application to its full development and implementation.

Mobile app developers have to be problem solvers who are able to think for themselves and react dynamically to the needs of their clients.

Many mobile app developers work entirely freelance, selling the products they design in the Android, Apple and other mobile marketplaces. It is true that some lone developers have made millions, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

Entry requirements

You will be expected to have expertise in various coding languages. Which languages in particular are required will differ from job to job – some app developers will be hired solely to produce applications for iOS, meaning a background in iOS SDK will be most important.  Other jobs may focus on Android phones, meaning Android SDK will be the primary requirement.

However, a general background in languages such as Java, HTML and object-oriented coding will be useful,, allowing you to diversify and increase your employability, and greatly informing their work, even if your job portfolio is centered on a single platform.

App development


The average salary for a mobile app developer is £28,000, though experienced and successful developers are known to earn up to as much as £55,000 and more.

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