3D modelling

If you are fascinated by the virtual worlds that appear in computer games and fantasy films, 3D modelling could be your perfect job. You will, however, need very high levels of artistic skill and technical ability.

Work activities

3D modellers use computer software to build models that can be used in films, TV and advertising. Their work is also needed in more traditional areas, such as architecture and medicine.

3D modelling is a way of bringing ideas to life. Sometimes the reason is for pure entertainment and sometimes to explain complicated concepts.

If you worked in this field, you would probably spend most of your time interpreting other people’s visions. In the film industry, you could be working with an art director and concept artist. You might also find yourself working closely with an animator.

You would use complex software such as Maya and 3DS Max to build frameworks and cover them with textures. You would also need to keep up with new developments in this rapidly moving area.

Entry requirements

Technical ability with the relevant software is essential, but you will also need highly developed artistic ability. A background in art is recommended if your work is to reach professional standards. It is possible to take a specialist degree in model making.

You will need to show a strong portfolio of your work. Employers will also be looking for evidence that you can work well as part of a team.

3D modelling


The average salary for a 3D model maker is about £45,000. However, the money you get will depend on the industry you are working in and you could earn more in the film industry.

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