Network management

This is an essential job in any organisation. It involves keeping the IT facilities running smoothly from day to day – and also making decisions and giving advice that can have a profound effect on the future success of the organisation.

Work activities

As a network manager, you would design, install and maintain the computer network for an organisation. This could involve discussions with managers, anticipating and dealing with security issues, producing regular reports, managing back-ups and devising a disaster plan.

You would manage a team of IT professionals, deal with everyday problems and answer queries from the general staff.

You would also have to keep up-to-date with technological developments so you could advise other people in the organisation.

Entry requirements

Technical knowledge is the first essential. You could lay the foundations for this with a degree, HND or BTEC in a relevant subject, such as IT, computing or software engineering. You would also need working experience and many network managers start as network engineers or IT technicians.

This is a job that involves contact with people at all levels of an organisation and you would need excellent communication skills.

Employers will be looking for someone who deal efficiently with everyday issues and also rise to the challenge in a crisis.

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