Web development

Web developers are the people who make websites work. With the internet growing every day, hardworking programmers who can produce new, creative functionalities for websites will always be in demand.

Work activities

Your work as a web developer (or web programmer) would involve building websites, generally to a set design brief from a client.

A different, but connected job is a web designer, who is responsible for the aesthetic design and layout of a website – you may find yourself working closely with a designer on many jobs.

The bulk of the work for a web developer is building the functionality of a website – what the website does. For example, a website may have a storefront interface where customers can buy things, or a site may have an IT portal where employees sign in to share data. Many website designs that seem simple on the outside may have a complex architecture ‘under the hood’.

Although there are programs available on the market that people can use to make websites without touching any code, as a web developer you will need to be able to make a website from scratch.

As well as working on the development of new websites, you could also find work as a web developer working on the maintenance, testing, improving and augmenting existing websites.

Entry requirements

The main requirement is strong experience of using the various coding languages that make up the backbone of the web. You will need to be very familiar with using HTML, PHP, CSS, as well as databases such as MySQL.

Though many web developers are self-taught, there are diplomas available in web development specifically, as well as courses in the various languages required.

A body of experience with web development and a strong portfolio of websites you have built or helped build are the main thing employers will look for.

Web development


Starting web developers may expect to earn about £17,000 to £20,000 a year, with the average wage being £24,000. Experienced web developers can earn as much as £40,000 per annum.

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