Hardware support

If you are the person that your friends all turn to when something goes wrong with their computer, it could be that the job of IT support technician would appeal to you.

Work activities

We are so reliant on IT at work and in our everyday lives that there is a real need for people who can maintain and repair computer equipment.

As an IT support technician, you could work as part of an IT support team within a large organisation or for a company that services other business’s computers. You could also work in a shop that deals with the general public, or set up your own business.

The job involves installing and setting up new computer equipment. When there is a problem, you would have to diagnose the fault and put things right. This could involve using diagnostic tools, installing new software or testing and replacing hardware components.

It’s a job that demands in-depth knowledge of hardware, software and network systems. You need to be able to work methodically and know where to go for information you don’t have.

The best IT support technicians are also good communicators. An important part of the job involves giving advice and explaining things in language that non-technical people can understand. You may also have to express yourself clearly when you contact manufacturers and suppliers.

Entry requirements

This is an entry-level job for someone who already has experience of maintaining computers. You could make yourself more attractive to employers by having a qualification such as Level 1 ICT Systems Support.

Your employer is likely to provide more training when you get the job so that you stay up-to-date with technological developments.

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