Copywriters write words that advertise things. You could be asked to produce anything from a slogan for a banner ad to a script for a promotional video – or the content for an entire website. Copywriters also write for printed media, such as posters, newspaper advertisements and leaflets.

As a copywriter, you could work for an advertising agency or build a freelance business.

Work activities

Writing is obviously at the centre of the job, but you also need to be a good listener.

At the start of each job you have to find out what the client wants to say. You may have to do some research as well.

You will work with designers, art directors and marketing experts and develop creative ideas together. You will keep in touch with the client throughout the production phase and respond to their feedback.

You might be asked to update an existing website, and this could involve using a content management system.

Entry requirements

You could start with a degree in journalism or take a course in professional copywriting, but this isn’t actually essential.

What really matters is that you can prove that you can write persuasively and that you can do this in more than one style. It would be useful if you had some knowledge of how to write copy that search engines will pick up. Experience of writing for social media would also be an advantage.



As a copywriter you could earn anything between £20,000 and £50,000, depending on your experience and reputation.

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