Project management

This job involves leading IT-related projects such as installing a computer network or developing a piece of software.

Work activities

A project is a self-contained piece of work with definite objectives that is completed over a limited period of time to an agreed budget. Project managers are often employed to lead a particular project – and when it is finished, they move on.

As a project manager, you would help draw up the objectives and agree exactly what is to be delivered. You would use specialised software to draw up budgets and schedules.

Most project teams include people with different skills and it would be your job to manage this group and keep them motivated. You would also have to manage any sub-contractors that were involved.

As the project went on, you would need to understand how all the elements depended on each other and monitor progress. You would have to keep on top of every aspect of the project and notice problems before they happened.

You would report regularly to senior management and be in constant contact with the project team, answering questions and checking how things were going.

Entry requirements

To work on IT projects you would need a degree in computing or a related subject. It would also help to have PRINCE2 certification, which would show that you are familiar with the method of project management used by government and many commercial organisations.

You would need to have working experience in IT jobs, ideally working on a project similar to the one you would be managing.

Project managers need to combine an eye for detail with an understanding of the big picture. They also need to communicate well with other people.

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