Motion graphics

Once upon a time audiences were impressed with PowerPoint. Nowadays, there are much more sophisticated ways of mixing and manipulating text, video, images and sound and a new group of professionals has emerged to do this work, known as motion graphics designers

Work activities

Motion graphics are used in commercials, TV, videos, games and films. It is an area that combines sound, animation, video and graphic design, To succeed, you will need to be confident in working a wide range of software and also have an excellent visual sense.

The work usually involves working with other professionals, such as directors and producers. You might be involved in editing and adding effects to video, animating, drawing up or following storyboards and editing final sequences to exacting technical standards.

Entry requirements

A degree in motion graphics and visual effects would be an excellent starting point. You also need to show your grasp of relevant software in a personal show reel or portfolio. This is a fast-moving, competitive field and you will need to demonstrate your passion for using the very latest technology to create dramatic and memorable sequences.

Employers will also be looking for evidence that you can work well as part of a team and keep to deadlines and budgets.

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