Sound design

The atmosphere of a game or film often owes just as much to the sounds you hear as to the images you see on screen. Sound design is a very creative role, and jobs in this area are highly sought after.

Work activities

Sound designers mix effects and music to create a soundscape for films, games, video and live events such as theatre performances. Many sound designers are freelance and are hired to work on a project-by-project basis.

Good sound design has a powerful effect on the success of a production and the sound designer is usually brought in at an early stage by the director.

A lot of your work would also happen in post-production, when a film or video has been shot.

As a sound designer, you would record, mix and edit sounds and music. You might experiment with making sounds in unusual ways and then manipulating them with software. Or you could work with musicians to create a musical score. You might manage a team of sound technicians.

Entry requirements

You need a very good ear to be a sound technician.  You must be confident in the use of industry standard software and also keep up-to-date with new software developments.

Most sound designers have built up experience working in as sound technicians or sound editors in studios. A degree or HND in the technical aspects of recording would be a good way in.

An employer would be looking for creativity, high levels of technical skill and evidence that you can work well with other people.

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