What is the ITQ?

The ITQ provides an up-to-date, nationally recognised IT user qualification tailored to business and individual needs.

Over three-quarters (77%) of the UK workforce use IT in their jobs, but 1 in 10 businesses say there are gaps in the IT skills they need. The ITQ is helping to fill these gaps.
Who is the ITQ for?

It’s designed for people using technology:

  • at work
  • in education
  • when looking for work
  • in their leisure time

What can the ITQ do for employers?

The ITQ can help improve productivity, effectiveness and businesses’ ability to participate in the digital economy. It does this by developing employees’ IT skills.

With the help of the ITQ, employers can:

  • get in-house training recognised within a national framework
  • assess the skills of prospective employees
  • exploit IT for innovation, service, competitiveness and meeting business goals
  • help investments in IT reach their full potential by making sure employees have the right skills to use the technology

What can the ITQ do for individuals?

People can study the ITQ at school, college or in the workplace. It can:

  • help people find work – 92% of jobs advertised require IT user skills
  • be tailored to different work requirements – as well as the use of computers and mobile IT devices, the ITQ can cover other ICT systems, including those used in engineering, manufacturing and teaching
  • give employees the chance to put their newly learnt skills into practice
  • be used to help with voluntary and charity work, for example with bookkeeping and fund-raising

How is the ITQ related to the National Occupational Standards framework?

The ITQ is based on the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for IT users.

  • Each ITQ unit corresponds to an area of competence in the NOS.
  • Each learning outcome corresponds to an element of competence defined in the NOS.

Each assessment criteria corresponds to a knowledge statement or performance criteria.

  • Level 2
  • Level 3

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